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Concurrent Enrollment (CE) - Information and Forms​​
In May 2009, the Colorado State Legislature passed House Bill 09-1319 and Senate Bill 09-285, the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act. The collective intent is to broaden access to and improve the quality of concurrent enrollment programs, improve coordination between institutions of secondary education and institutions of higher education and ensure financial transparency and accountability. Beyond coordinating and clarifying the existing concurrent enrollment programs, the bill also creates the “5th year” ASCENT program for students retained by the high school for instruction beyond the senior year.
Are you ready for the academic rigor, the additional time responsibility and the accountability of a transcripted grade? 
ICAP updated? Speak to your counselor to make sure that you qualify for Concurrent Enrollment. Here are some basics to get you started - College in Colorado
More information available on Concurrent Enrollment from the Colorado Department of Education - CDE CE Website
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding D11 Concurrent EnrollmentCE General FAQ and CE Specific FAQ
Know your out-of-pocket costs BEFORE signing anything!  The fee rates and tuition rates do vary from school to school.  Credits at PPCC cost much less than UCCS but they MAY be transferable to both institutions.  See gtPathways coursework. 
GT Pathways courses, in which the student earns a C- or higher, will always transfer and apply to GT Pathways requirements in every Liberal Arts & Sciences bachelor’s degree at every public Colorado institution. Note that these courses may not apply to some bachelor’s degrees (click here for a list of those degrees). You should always seek advising from the appropriate advisor at the college or university you plan to attend to ensure you are selecting the appropriate coursework for your degree and to ensure it will apply to those degree requirements. gtPathways as defined by the Department of Higher Education

Concurrent Enrollment Forms
Postsecondary institutions may required additional forms for their use.  The student forms below are required for Colorado Springs School District 11.

District 11 Repayment Agreement - 2016

Concurrent Enrollment Checklist - A good tool for students, parents and counselors to verify their responsibilities.

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CU Succeed/Gold
​Is classified as Extended Studies.  These courses are NOT Concurrent Enrollment.  School site locations has contract based on school site programming and repayment as identified. ​

Advanced Placement Courses
are designed for students that are ready for college level academic work. This program is operated by a national organization, the College Board, which defines course curriculum, provides teacher training, and administers a national standardized examination for each course. Most colleges award college credit to students who earn at least a rating of “3” out of a possible “5” on the examination while others require a score of “4”. Some colleges require successful completion of Advanced Placement courses for admission to the college and do not award credits toward the college degree. Parents and students are advised to check with colleges for details. For more information, please consult with your high school counselor. 
Dual Credit Courses, whether they are taken at the high school where the student is enrolled or at a post-secondary institution, are courses for which the student has been granted permission to earn both Carnegie units (high school) and college credit. Students must have prior permission to enroll for dual credit and meet the requirements specified by the college. Students are responsible for verifying any college’s acceptance of credits earned as dual credit. Enrollment in a dual credit course does not guarantee college acceptance. Please contact your school counselor for information regarding available dual credit options.
Concurrent Enrollment allows students to access funds to study at the postsecondary level while still in high school. Through this program, students may earn both high school and college credit. Students who would not typically access college without an “advance” start, students with significant academic needs and students who have exhausted district curriculum may be interested in the Colorado Springs School District 11 Enrollment Program (CE). An up to date Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is required. Tuition, books and other college course fees shall be at the expense of the student or his/her parents or legal guardians. For more information, please consult with your high school counselor.
The Area Vocational Program (AVP) provides occupational skill development and training for juniors and seniors. District 11 pays for the program. Students completing AVP earn credit which can be applied toward high school graduation. Under certain circumstances, and at the instructor’s discretion, college credit may also be earned which may be applied to a post-secondary certificate or degree. AVP strives to prepare students for the world of work by teaching the related academics and workplace basics that are essential for employment. Programs offered through AVP are: Auto Collision Repair, Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Diesel Power Tech., Early Childhood Education, Fire Science Technology, Health Career Exploration, Health Science Tech., Multimedia Graphic Design, Radio and Television, Sign Language Interpreter Prep., Welding, and Zoo Keeping. Additional information regarding this opportunity is available at
Articulation Credit is a way for high school students to earn college credit as they build career and technical education skills. A high school student can receive PPCC credit if they earn an A or B in their high school articulated course(s). Articulated credit and coursework will be recorded on an official Pikes Peak Community College transcript. These credits vary from high school to high school. Please contact your school counselor for information regarding articulation credits available at your location. Additional information regarding this opportunity is available at