​In November 2000, the taxpayers sent a message of support to their schools by approving a $26.9 million ballot issue to supplement educational funding in School District 11. To minimize the impact on D11 property owners the Mill Levy Override (MLO) funding was phased in over several years. District 11 began to receive the full additional annual funding of $26,998,822 in 2009.

The MLO Citizens’ Oversight Committee
To bring ongoing accountability to the MLO spending plan, a citizens’ oversight committee was established to oversee implementation. The committee generally met each month in the Board of Education room at the District 11 administration building, 1115 North El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After full implementation of the funding, the committee's work was merged with the District 11 Board of Education Audit Advisory Committee to continue citizens' oversight of the spending of MLO funds.  Annual reports are given to the D11 Board of Education.

Performance Excellence Assessment Reports
Consistent with the mill levy election ballot question, Colorado Springs School District 11 has conducted a number of biennial audits of the MLO fund to review its progress in meeting requirements of the comprehensive district performance plan or business plan.