​​​​RTI Resources for Middle & High Schools

Problem Solving, Team & Teacher supports:
District 11 Pyramids & Assessment Practices
Alpine Resources:
Behavior Supports and alternative discipline


 Ideas to Share, from schools
  1. Use a "parking lot" to park ideas that hold up meetings and still need attention (system level)
  2. Differentiate system, team, teacher and kid level data discussion
  3. Use DF spreadsheet reports to prioritize Tier 1 needs and identify students most at risk.  
  4. For students double dipped (math and literacy intervention) consider allowing them a field trip to a fun class they are missing out on as an incentive
  5. Offer Brown Bag Lunch sessions to train staff on targeted (behavior) interventions
  6. Maintain a central, large Board of Progress Monitoring with teacher input
  7. Get creative with the toughest students to engage: have them as aides for the adult they have a connection with.
  8. Engagement is the best answer to classroom management
General RTI Resources:

Upcoming Trainings:

  • Coming soon: Alpine for teachers and problem solving teams (jeremy.koselak@d11.org)
  • Coming soon: PLC support within and across schools

MTSS Training Support from University of South Florida: Evaluation tools and supports


Developing Principles of SAMS: Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (University of S.Florida)