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​​​Title​Focus​PLC QuestionsLevel of Structure​File Type​
Here's What, So What, Now What Data Protocol - D11​This protocol focuses on objectively looking at CFA data, identifying targets that need additional instruction, and adjusting instruction and the assessment.​#3 & #4​Medium​Word Document
Data Protocol Green/Yellow/Red ​This protocol supports teams in looking closely at the design of the CFA and looking at patterns and trends in student samples, plan intervention/enrichment and to make adjustments to the assessment.​#3 & #4​High​Word Document
Solution Tree Data Team Meeting Template​This protocol supports a team in analyzing CFA data around specific targets. ​​​It highlights which instructional strategies benefited students most and ​​what students need additional time and support​.​#3 & #4​High​PDF Form
Common ​Assessment Team Protocol​​​This protocol has teams analyze a CFA to determine student need, best instructional practices and possible assessment revisions.​#3 & #4​Low​​PDF Form
Student Work Analysis Protocol​This protocol follows the See It, Name It, Do It framework while analyzing student work. It emphasized​ the identification of student errors/conceptual misunderstandings and creating a plan to intervene and follow up by name and need.#3 & #4​​High​Word Form
Standards and Assessment Protocol​This protocol supports teams in prioritizing and unwrapping standards. Then the team creates a CFA and scoring criteria.​#1 & #2​High​Word Form
Data Analysis ProtocolThis protocol quickly gets to the analysis of student results to determine a plan to enrich and support struggling students.​#3 & #4​Low​​PDF
​​Examining Assessments​This protocol leads a collaborative team in the process of examining an assessment closely and discussing its implications.​#2​Medium​​PDF
​School Reform​ Initiative​​A website with  protocols listed by categories.​Website
National School Reform Faculty​​A website containing many different types of protocols


We Teach NY​​​                           Protocols for looking at student work                                   Website

​​PLCs Working with Data​​​An elementary collaborative team ​analyzing common assessment data to determine next steps in instruction.​​​​​6:33
What Do You See In These Data?​​Elizibeth A. City from Harvard ​Graduate School of Education emphasizes the use of protocols when analyzing data.​6:31​
Critical Friends: Looking at Student Work​​High school teachers discuss the use of a Critical Friends protocol when analyzing student work. Includes snippets of the use of a protocol during a collaborative meeting.​5:29
Data Team Process Steps 1 Through 3​​​A high school collaborative team analyzes the results of a common assessment. The team discusses subgroups of students, their strengths and performance errors, and next steps. The team concludes by developing a team smart goal.​​13:20
​​Huron Academy Data Teams 2013-2014 Video OneA second grade collaborative team begins a meeting by reviewing norms. The team takes a priority standard and unwraps it through group discussion​.​​ Then the team develops a smart goal followed by a common assessment with common administration. The team reconvenes at a later date to review the results of the common assessment and discuss changes to instruction.​​​15:06​

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