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Collaborative Team Structures

Professional Learning Communities

Quick Reference Guide ​for Collaborative Teaming: Version 1.0​ - A one page summary of the Why, What, and How of collaborative teams.

Collaboration Team Checklist - ​​An eighteen point checklist for collaborative teams to use when considering ​​critical issues the team may need to address to enhance the work of PLCs.

Establish Norms (Video- 4:05 min.)​ - Richard DuFour and others explain the importance of creating team norms. Includes a short middle school collaborative team conversation that can be used to look for and identify team norms.

7 Norms of Collaboration - ​​General norms for teams developed by Adaptive Schools.​​

PLC Agenda Simple D11 2015.docx - A editable (Word) collaborative team agenda centered around the 4 questions of PLCs.

PLC Agenda 2 (Guided) - An editable (Word) collaborative Team agenda.

PLC Agenda 3 (Prescriptive)​​​ - An editable (Word) collaborative Team agenda.

Data Norms.pdf - A set of norms specific to collaborative conversations around student data.

Developing Norms - Step-by-step directions for a team to develop a set of operating norms (Solution Tree).

Ensuring Norms are Followed​​​​ - Eleven strategies that promote the use and adherence to norms.

PLC Smart Goal Template - An editable (Word) document that can be used to plan and write a collabortive team smart goal.

PLC Semester Team Planning Calendar - An editable (Word) calendar to plan collaborative team weekly topics, tasks, and resources.


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