District 11's English Language Arts Department supports teachers in delivering a high quality, rigorous, and standards-based curriculum to all district students. 

Values and Beliefs

  • Literacy demands are increasing in our society in almost all occupations; we must prepare our students to interact effectively with a variety of text and media.
  • Reading is essential to life and increases life’s enjoyment.  All skills and content areas depend on language arts skills. 
  • All kids can learn to read and write.
  • Language Arts should be interconnected with all content areas.
  • Language Arts should be balanced between reading and writing.
  • Language Arts instruction should be mindful of its link to life skills.
  • We teach language arts to enable students to learn more about themselves, especially as they are mirrored in the characters and situations about which they read.
  • We teach language arts so students can clearly communicate with the outside world: their ideas, values, beliefs, crises, ideals, questions and criticisms.​