​​​​Disciplinary Literacy defined:  "Tim Shanahan argues for the value of disciplinary literacy, contrasting the concept of disciplinary literacy to other commonly used practices for teaching literacy in grades 6-12. Dr. Shanahan defines disciplinary literacy as development of the unique reading skills required for literacy in different content areas. He notes that, while content area reading is useful for students scoring in the bottom 25%, disciplinary literacy may prove useful for students with varying levels of reading skills." ​

Elizabeth Moj​e states that "Disciplinary literacy is about providing learners with the opportunity to engage in the kinds of knowledge production and representation, on a limited scale, of course, that members of the various disciplines enact on a regular basis. The point of such engagement is to make clear how disciplinary communities (or any discourse community, for that matter) produceknowledgeg​e, thereby enabling learners to question that knowledge." 

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Disciplinary Literacy: Why It Matters and What We Should Do About It