Our ELL Community Liaisons establish and maintain communication and productive relationships between school, community agencies, parents and students. They support all district schools but focus on ELL students and their families in the resolution of problems and crisis to support student well-being and academic achievement.
The essential functions of the ELL Community Liaisons are:
  • To support ELL students regarding academic, attendance and personal problems.
  • To provide school and community resources for individual and family assistance by referring ELL families to the appropriate agencies for medical, dental, food and  housing resources.
  • To support buildings, ELL students and families during school, problem solving team and community meetings.
  • To collaborate with the building counselor, the social worker and the psychologist to support ELL high risk students and their families.
  • To serve as English-Spanish interpreter during school meetings and community events that impact ELL students and families and to translate school in-house documents for ELL students and their parents.
  • To transport ELL students during emergencies and other critical situations per the school principal.
  • To conduct phone calls and home visits to support ELL families in need. 


  Griselle Duval                                                                  TBD                                                                    Maria Rivera-Gonzalez
  High Schools                                                           Middle Schools                                                             Elementary Schools
 (719) 328-6688                                                                                                                                                  (719) 328-5947
 duvalg@d11.org                                                                                                                       MARIA.RIVERA-GONZALEZ@d11.org