Teachers from District 11’s Gifted Magnet Program, a full-time, self-contained program for gifted students in sixth-eighth grade, will hold their annual informational meetings in January.   The middle school gifted magnet programs are open to qualified students from the Pikes Peak region.  Information meetings are:

Sabin Middle School -- 3605 N Carefree Circle -- January 17, 2017  6 p.m.
West Middle School -- 1920 W Pikes Peak Ave -- January 19, 2017  6 p.m.

District 11’s Gifted Magnet Program provides tremendous choice offerings for the most advanced learners. Best practices in gifted education, combined with quality opportunities for creative project work, results in tailored education for high-end learners who need special challenge. Students enjoy learning with their intellectual peers while focusing on exceeding Colorado state standards. 

The middle school philosophy focuses on educating the whole child through rich, in-depth curriculum centered on year-long themes, instruction in the Autonomous Learner Model, experiential learning, and a wide variety of exploratory classes and academic competitions.

The Gifted Magnet Program curriculum is interdisciplinary and is built around the concepts of Discovery, Change, and Conflict. The curriculum is highly rigorous, exceeds state content standards, and requires depth and complexity of thought. Differentiated instruction ensures that students meet teachers’ high expectations and have opportunities for content acceleration.  Teachers can meet individual student’s needs through specific instruction due to program flexibility.  Interest development and independent study in areas of passion is encouraged. Students have unique opportunities for experiential learning through activities such as field trips, team building, guest speakers, mock trials, and debates. Finally, students are encouraged to try all exploratory classes offered and to participate in athletics, intramurals, clubs, and competitions such as Battle of the Books, Drama Club, Knowledge Master Open, Future Problem Solving, Science Fair, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, History Day, Lego League, Geography Bee, MESA, and SolSar Energy Challenge.

Applications available - Gifted Magnet Program - District 11 website:  www.d11.org/GT/Pages/SAIL.aspx​.

Please call (719) 520-2464 for more information or to schedule school visits. 

Completed applications are due March 1, 2017.